Día internacional de la conservación de carreteras #IRMD2024

Hoy se celebra el Día Internacional de la Conservación de Carreteras, una fecha que pretende poner de manifiesto la importancia de contar con unas carreteras en un estado óptimo para su circulación y seguridad.

Para conmemorar la cita, la asociación EAPA ha organizado el siguiente programa:

  • Opening of IRMD
    • Carsten Karcher, EAPA & Juan José Potti, ASEFMA, Founder of the IRMD
  • Road maintenance to reduce CO2 emission of road transport – European and French experiences
    • Breixo Gomez, EAPA
  • Benefits for society with tailor made pavements like green SMA to reduce CO2 emissions of vehicles – the example of Denmark
    • Anders Hundahl Asfaltindustrien, Denmark
  • The South African Road Maintenance Forum,
    • Phil Hendricks, SABITA
  • Roundtable with Siobhan McKelvey, Eurobitume and speakers of the session
  • Road Condition Monitoring with floating vehicle data – First experience to evaluate reduction of road transport emissions after and before a paving activity.
    • Camino Arce and Jose Carlos Valdecantos, SEITT SA and XOUBA
  • Use of big data from cars to obtain an indicator of the level of maintenance -The example of the City of Madrid
    • Jose Miguel Baena, General Manager of the City of Madrid
  • Decarbonising road transport – the vehicle manufacturers’ perspective
    • Thomas Fabian, ACEA
  • Roundtable and Call for Actions with Ralf Pomp, EAPA President and speakers of the session
  • Final remarks and Closing
    • Carsten Karcher, EAPA