Nueva edición de la revista online de carreteras de Traffic Technology

Acaba de publicarse la edición de junio de la revista Traffic Technology, uno de los medios de referencia del sector, que además se puede consultar por completo de manera online en el siguiente enlace.

A continuación mostramos los titulares del mes:

    • High-speed direct enforcement using weigh-in-motion has long been the dream of many in the industry. Now, as international standards are revised, it could become a reality
    • Traffic managers tend to know a lot about the vehicles on our roads, but not so much about the people inside them – all that could be about to change with a pilot project underway in the UK
    • Ryan Green, CEO, Gridwise – Helping Uber drivers operate more efficiently is one thing, but now Ryan Green is using his data to help city managers better understand the ride-hailing economy and how they can adapt services to it
  • AI in the sky
    • Drones or unmanned aerial systems (UAS) are an increasingly useful tool in asset surveys. We take a detailed look at how their functionality is evolving and ask where they are headed in the future